Friday, 12 July 2013


  1. You wouldn't believe it, but the number of Greeks in employment grew by 1.2% in April (2.1% if you don't apply seasonal adjustment). It's the strongest rise since, well, way before 2006. And the number of inactive individuals has fallen to the lowest level in two years. Don't believe me? See for yourselves
  2. Out now: the most detailed possible breakdown of Greek GDP by sector (up to 2011 unfortunately). See here for absolute figures and here for growth rates. 
  3. Bail-ins all round: The Commission's new State Aid rules call for bail-ins before any public funding can be received.
  4. ECB working paper proposes a 'Financial Systemic Stress Index for Greece'
  5. Rethinking austerity: The IMF's researchers consider how changing the composition of public spending can protect growth while reducing deficits, and how different types of austerity affect income inequality. The key lesson: invest in education, cut benefits.
  6. The IMF's researchers also establish some stylised facts on corporate deleveraging in the European periphery.
  7. Latest Troika statement on Greece dated 8 July
  8. The International Economy magazine symposium: Does Debt Matter?
  9. The UK's Royal Statistical Society publishes research showing just how far the UK public's perceptions of key social facts and figures are from reality. I look forward to a Greek version.
  10. Rediscovering Google's N-Gram viewer: here's a heavily smoothed chart of the frequency with which books mentioned 'Greece' or 'Greek' according to the date in which they were published.
  11. The Bank of International Settlements looks at what Central Bank Finances mean for monetary policy.
  12. A (small) survey of Eurocrats shines a light on France's loss of influence in the Union.

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