Monday, 2 January 2012


I have tweeted about this ad nauseam over the last few days but with Iowa about to yield its secrets to the adoring public I'm ready to shut up. Just not before this little official endorsement, which will come as a surprise to precisely none of my regular readers.

Please Republicans, choose Ron Paul.

What is it to you, Americans might ask, and who asked you?

I would argue that Americans are the second most likely people after Greeks to visit my blog, and I feel it might interest them to hear of what one concerned Greek has to say. Sadly #Greeks4RonPaul is basically just me and the occasional friend, but that does not really negate the point.

Moreover, whoever the GOP chooses might end up becoming president, and in so doing will have some modicum of power over my country too. I have an interest in you choosing someone that, on the issues, I actually agree with and, given that the GOP's other candidates  are power-hungry brushed aluminium sleazeballs they may want to consider someone that their fellow Americans do not hate quite so much.

On the issues then, why should you go for Ron Paul?

This is why:

And this is why:

And this is why:

And this is why:

And this amazing omission is why:

And this amazing admission is also why:

And the sheer amount of balls it takes to say this, is also why:

Mind you he needs to seriously reconsider his views or at least his rhetoric on abortion and contraception. If he does, he'll get a wee little donation from me too. Come on.

UPDATE: Since I hear veteran readers object, I should at least respond in passing:

Regarding central banks and the business cycle, I believe RP is not saying that the business cycle is, in principle, a matter of monetary policy. I believe he is referring to this: http://ftalphaville.ft.com/blog/2011/12/16/803431/deutsches-reid-on-shorter-business-cycles/

Regarding the independence of the Fed, while I agree that if Central Banks exist they should be fiercely and impeccably independent, I also believe that Central Banks are responsible, through both monetary policy and capital regulation, for a great deal of the credit bubble and the crisis that followed. My advice to Ron Paul would be to give up on auditing the Fed and focus on ending its role in monetary policy. Lender or last resort? Yes. Setter of interest rates? Nope. Source of QE? No. Etc Etc Etc.

Now hate away, usual crowd, hate away.