Thursday, 12 September 2013


  1. New labour market figures out for Greece - unadjusted figures suggest recovery, but then June is a traditionally 'good' month for Greece.
  2. A fuller account of European economic linkages - distinguishing between the effects of trade and financial flows.
  3. A real similarity between Argentina and Greece for once: publishing accurate national statistics gets you into trouble. Faking them does not.
  4. The OECD compares income redistribution policies in Europe and the US
  5. OECD figures document the fiscal benefits of migration for Greece. Full table embedded below.
  6. Still with the OECD: Greece is the only OECD country in which health risks from smoking increased significantly throughout the boom years.
  7. The Athens cellphone-tapping affair, revisited in detail. Must-read.
  8. Revolutionary #FAIL: a call to deface the newly-painted walls of the School of Applied Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the National Technical University of Athens attracts slightly less solidarity than expected.
  9. I don't like sensationalist headlines, especially the ones likely to inflame racist rhetoric, but I just can't not report this - it's proper academic research. One in four men in the Asia-Pacific region have raped their partner or another woman, with 'sexual entitlement' the leading motivation, according to research published in the Lancet
  10. In the US, an increase in the minimum wage 'unequivocally' affects employment by forcing businesses to grow more slowly.

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