Wednesday, 9 June 2010


I have nothing to add to this story. It appears that our PM, G-PAP, has given up all hope of getting foreign direct investment (FDI) from anyone who is not a 100% f*cknut, and is now going to turn to Gaddafi's Libya.

There's a reason of course why we can't get FDI from less ridiculous sources, as I've explained here: our governance structures are crap and we rely too much on EU structural funds.

To be clear, this is no bailout, as the Libyans will not be buying our bonds; simply an investment deal. Some of the details the FT is quoting sound like reasonable things for us to do, like investment in renewables. But, make no mistake, there will be strings attached.

For instance, one cannot help but draw parallels with Papandreou Sr's (G-PAP's dad's) plans to turn Greece into "Switzerland for the Arabs".  It is apparently Gaddafi's friendship with A-PAP that Yorgo will be falling back on to seal the deal. As if.

So try this out. Only very recently, Gaddafi called for holy war against Switzerland. They made the substantial mistake of deporting his son after he beat the crap out of his servants in one of their hotels, which apparently is illegal in Switzerland (go figure).

The UN duly criticised this act of lunacy. Would G-PAP be able to do the same next time Gaddafi gets a bee in his botox? Aaah, I see. So G-PAP, will you join me in singing the Internationale? Surely you know how it goes?

Il n'est pas de sauveurs suprêmes
Ni Dieu, ni César, ni tribun


Les rois nous saoûlaient de fumées
Paix entre nous, guerre aux tyrans
Appliquons la grève aux armées
Crosse en l'air, et rompons les rangs
S'ils s'obstinent, ces cannibales
À faire de nous des héros
Ils sauront bientôt que nos balles
Sont pour nos propres généraux

...and Colonels, presumably.

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