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Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Not too long ago, I wrote a comment on a Linked In thread that went a little like this:

"As power is transferred from the Greek government and parliament to the EU institutions, the crosshair for our "known-unknowns" will move from Athens to Brussels, Strasbourg and Frankfurt. And then it's really going to hit the fan. 
What happens when it's not our Minister of the Interior but an EU Commissioner that gets their office bombed? What happens when the older generation of our urban guerillas finally decide to shack up with their posh yuppie girlfriends in Brussels and start firebombing Belgian coppers? What happens if our demonstrators occupy the Berlaymont instead of the Acropolis, or if the mayor of Strasbourg should wake up to the entire town spray painted with "No job, no church, nothing to do man! - Let's sh*t on the grave of Schuman!"?" 
A mere four months have passed since then, and the latest news is that some of our bright young things have sent out bomb parcels to the offices of Angela Merkel, Silvio Berlusconi and Nicolas Sarkozy. All outbound packages are now queued for inspection. Bizarrely they have also targeted the embassies of Bulgaria, Germany, Chile, Mexico, Russia and Switzerland.

I have some reservations regarding the suspects that have been apprehended so far. I will update when I know more.

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