Friday, 31 May 2013


My Twitter account used to serve as a repository of links I thought were brilliant but didn't have time to blog on. With the account gone, I've decided to start a Weekend Reading series for the same purpose. I will aim for ten per weekend, but no promises.

My top ten reads for this weekend:
  1. Frances Coppola explains how QE and the monetary transmittion system work, and why QE is clogging up the pipes. Watch out for her background links too.
  2. The IMF's researchers consider the evidence on immovable property taxes (w/ Greece data)...
  3. ... and the evidence on fiscal slippage and austerity with debt feedback
  4. Eurostat looks into the extent to which families pool their income in Europe (w/ Greece data) 
  5. The European Banking Authority's consultation on measuring large deposit outflow risk for the purpose of CRD IV liquidity rules, plus all responses received so far. No Greek OR Cypriot banks in there, sadly. 
  6. EU infringement procedures, May update: Greece rapped for restricting parallel sales of medical supplies, failing to ratify Common Aviation Area Agreement with the Western Balkans, insurance red tape and exceeding capacity at the Kiato Landfill, which is operating without a valid permit: 
  7. Subjective well-being and quality of life in the UK: the ONS weighs in (UK data only)
  8. Standby for more Partenon Marble stories next week following this.
  9. A paper in defense of winner-take-all contests.
  10. Did you know the Economist Intelligence Unit is now a Credit Rating Agency?
  11. The UK's young liberals are on the march or something, says the Economist.

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