Friday, 7 June 2013


  1. Get the full IMF mea culpa boxed set: The ex-post review into the 2010 bailout of Greece, the Article IV consultation report, and Third Staff Review of the programme, as well as a fascinating Selected Issues paper. Oh, and a note on how the Greek government lied to them again about the number of auditors it plans to hire.
  2. Eurostat looks into a methodology for Nowcasting Poverty Risk.
  3. The evidence behind China's much-heralded Minsky moment (but bear in mind, people have been predicting this for years).
  4. It's apparently very hard to resist Silvio Berlusconi's stare if you're an Italian right-winger.
  5. Interim findings from a global survey of finance professionals, with a module on the Cyprus bail-in (disclosure: I am the editor of the survey). This is based on the first 919 responses but about as many again will respond by the end of the month. Also this is only one of four questions asked.
  6. The LOLGreece tour continues with a small presentation on the effects of Basel III in Bucharest. For more on this obsession of mine see here or here (in Greek).
  7. The European Commission's Consultation on the Long-Term Financing of the EU Economy is underway. I'm preparing a response in my professional capacity.
  8. A moment of pure Greek madness (in Greek) as 12 members of staff (some formerly Union leaders) at the Municipality of Mesologgi have blocked the entire organisation's payroll since 22 May in protest of the Municipality's inability to compensate them for years of unpaid benefits in one lump sum. Note the reporting: references to the '178 Euro benefit' is taken as understood by all readers. 
  9. More credit rating agencies enter the European market: apparently Dagong has won its EU licence after all.

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