Friday, 30 August 2013


  1. The Greek Government demanded information from 141 Facebook accounts last year. Information was granted in 54% of cases.
  2. Remember, Greece will give you a residency permit if you buy EUR250k worth of property. Wonder how that's working out...
  3. Eurostat gives us the lowdown on calculating unemployment and alternative measures of under- and un-employment. Brilliant. Note page 33 - in Greece, and indeed throughout Europe, the distribution of work intensity is much more unequal than the distribution of income (see Image).
  4. Months before the UK finally managed to keep out of a misguided war in Syria, a YouGov poll suggested the use of chemical weapons would not not increase support for war among UK citizens, and the more conservative parts of the British public are the least inclined to support intervention. Full data here. Slightly similar findings in the US - support for war is not exactly a Conservative choice.
  5. The Financial Stability Board reports on countries' progress in reducing the financial system's reliance on credit rating agencies and publishes recommendations on the oversight of the Shadow Banking sector.
  6. Worrying about money problems causes a cognitive disadvantage equivalent to a sleepless night, or 13 IQ points.
  7. Does the way languages deal with the future impact savings rates? A rigorous debate summarised here.
  8. My personal obsession for the week - the uncanny valley.
  9. Interesting factoid - no major social media platform is growing exponentially anymore.

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