Saturday, 30 January 2010


My vulture -meter went off the charts today and I had to check what the matter was.

It appears that our leading centre-left daily, Ta Nea, reported that the EC is about to reject our updated Stability and Growth plan. The original Greek article can be read here. I must note in the interest of objectivity that our government denies this, suggesting instead that the document seen by the journos is actually old news. And to be fair the document they offer for our scrutiny is a bit of a mess.

But why would the daily closest-aligned to the government hit them so hard in the balls at this very very inconvenient moment? Conspiracy theorists, we need your comments.

Finally, I am reading that in the midst of all this our Prime Minister took a bit of time - to the consternation of Davos attendees aligned to the financial sector - to watch clips of Avatar in 3D with James Cameron himself. Three possibilities.

1. He thought it was a presentation by David Cameron.
2. He misses the good times when beating the Blue People was his biggest concern.
3. He was  tired of being followed by FT correspondents and went into the last room they would think to look.

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