Tuesday, 19 April 2011


Quick announcement:

I've recently contributed to an upcoming book on the Better Regulation Agenda in Europe - from a UK perspective. However, I also have got hold of the manuscript on Greece. I do not have permission to publish this so I will not but I can share it on a p2p basis. Do let me know via the usual channels if you're interested. 


  1. CAN WE TALK HERE ? :)
    Ok Mano I run into your blog looking for the DedtOcracy doc. I read a comment either there or some other part of your blog about Naomi Campbell and Grugman, and it did not sound you are a fan.
    (First an activist, seen in Shock Doctrine doc, and second Fed former chairman, just making sure we are talking about the same people)
    Sooo I wonder, where is this kid coming from, and what are his "heros". SO that you can understand, and custom make your response, let me tell you a few things about me. Numbers and Economics BORE ME TO DEATH, machines and especially flying ones fascinate me. So Before the crisis I had not a clue about "money". After Feb of 2010 I started watching a lot of docs in an Internet channel that focuses on money.
    Power of the Purse comes to mind, but many others too. I AM AMAZED thats how money works, I used to think money= value, and now i see that money= debt ! I know, I know, too simplistic for an insider in field like you, but humor an outsider and tell him where you stand on the questions i asked. BTW my current "hero" is Bill Maher on his show Real Time do you ever watch that ? Wish he you talk about money there too, but difficult to make money fun :)
    Very impressed with your writing, I feel I am a grade school student typing in a University Grade blog

  2. @Anon. I wrote a slightly dismissive response originally so I deleted it as your intentions are clearly good. Apologies in advance and thank you for your kind words.

    Naomi Klein and Krugman? No I'm not a massive fan. Naomi Campbell and Grugman? I have no view on them.

    Re: Money=Debt, please check out the unfinished Scenarios page above. In brief, I agree that debt money is an aberration and will end in tears. I don't necessarily think the Gold Standard is the answer but sound money of some sort, whose 'price' is determined by supply and demand rather than central banks, is desperately needed.

    I come from Greece, grew up and was educated there, barring 9 months in London. I was never taught there what I talk about here, but it was a rigorous school I went to (the Athens UEB) and some academic standards were instilled. I have no heros to speak of but if I must name someone I think is seriously cool I'd probably have to go for Air Asia's Tony Fenandes. You may like him as he's fascinated with flying too.

    I don't watch Maher I'm afraid but will have a look. My sources tend to be Alphaville (the only part of the FT worth reading) and ZeroHedge. Both are linked to to the right.

    Unfortunately I do like numbers. Rather, I like evidence. We can build theories till the cows come home but reality can't be denied for long, so it's best to tool up with the best numbers we can get our hands on. clearly, statistics are often distorted and manipulated; they can also appear to say one thing when they say another. But to give it all up and try to figure out how the world works through 'insight' of some sort is a dangerous path, because a group of like-minded people will always end up agreeing a set of 'insights', especially if it's what they want to believe. Cults have been known to wait for a UFO in the back of a comet to carry them into paradise. If they'd bothered to ask how all of this plan was supposed to work, they probably would have dismissed the tedious science.

    I'm afraid we can't go into a long discussion here as I simply don't have the time and we are going wildly off-topic. I do wish you well in your search for answers and if you decide to write about them, please drop me a comment with your URL.

  3. YOU wrote a nasty answer before this one ?? HA HA
    I missed it, maybe for good ? It would have been fun to have read it. IF you only knew how many times I scream at those Greeks that do NOT GET what you are writing to them about, and call you PASOK paid and things like that.
    With text for sure is hard to discern ones attitude, but I suffer from "Troll Anhedonia" not sure what they get out of it, its a complete waste of time.
    This format (blog) and typing into this little box are new to me so I am like a stuttering voice trying to compete with fluent speakers :)
    So I guess we agree Debt Based Money and Central Banks are part of the problem. I am glad, cause this is the idea I got from watching all these documentaries about money.
    I dunno if you have the time, but the channel is called The Truth Channel, and it can be accessed on Justin.tv Also has a chat window, but doubt you have the time for that.
    ALSO there is this other lil nut case ha ha
    Max Keiser on Russia Today ( RT.com)
    "Bring down Chase, buy some silver" is his thing these days, but has done pieces on Greece and tells Greeks to rise! OF course no skin off his back. His programs are archived and accessible on RT.com
    OFF topic you said, Well a bit yea, BUT I read through your blog, and too late I guess to post cause the particular post is closed for posting, So I accumulated all my "grievances" to you in this one.
    ON the other side I AM a Big Picture Person, so is Money and its creation ever OFF topic in econ blog ? :)
    You don't remember mentioning Naomi Campbell and Grugman in writing about Debtocracy ?
    In any event DO NOT see how you do it ! ?
    The energy it must take, I mean this blog, but it is along the lines of your job i guess.
    But I am trying to determine at the moment if I am an ADD case or OCD so it may seem a daunting task to me, (your work with the blog that is).
    They say flattery will get you everywhere so I feel I need to repeat my self, VERY GOOD BLOG and I am so glad you bothered to respond to me.
    Now that I buttered you up, chain yanking time: WILL you remember US the "little folk" Mano when you run some BIG multinational or a Country ? :)
    Don't mind me just jealous of your writing and debating skills
    PS: all "anonymous" lumped together eh ? Maybe i should create an ID, need to stick to that ADD medication though.

  4. @Anon

    I strongly prefer to write to people by name, but if they don't share this (which is their choice), then I don't have a choice in the matter.

    I will check out the Truth Channel and I do of course know Max Keiser, who has some good ideas. That said, I am wary of people assuming they know the reasons behind Greece's woes when they don't present evidence to back up their views and as for 'rising up', well.

    Let's just say this isn't a game and 'attack, my minions!' is not a responsible thing to say unless one is exposed to the consequences. I am. Keiser, as you very correctly point out, is not.

    As you noted, this blog takes a lot of time. Hence I can't start a conversation with each individual reader. That, unfortunately, is how blogs work. It's got nothing to do with me being super-important (I'm not) and nothing to do with you personally. Only that there are very few hours in the day and I have a day job to do. It is clear from your comment that you understand this.

    So unfortunately I can't start a wide-ranging conversation with you personally over this blog. I don't care if you build a massive gold statue of me shagging Jessica Alba while killing a dragon. What I will do, if you ever decide to start writing, is post a link to your blog on the 'What We Iz Reading' tab to the right. Let me know.

    And to answer your final question: I am unlikely to ever run a corporate or a country. Senior management is equally unlikely. Adios!


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